college savings accounts

It seems like the stress of financing a college education arrives just as soon as your new child does. We’re here to support you with good advice about savings plans such as the Education IRA or NextGen College Investment Plan®.

education IRA

An innovative non-deductible IRA savings plan that lets you make tax-free withdrawals to help pay for your child’s education.

NextGen College Investing Plan

A popular Section 529 plan that gives you tax-deferred earnings growth plus tax-advantaged withdrawals. Funds can be used to pay for qualified expenses at eligible higher education institutions.  Please note: 529 plan accounts can only be opened online through NextGen and not at a Norway Savings Bank branch. To learn more, or to open an account visit NextGen.
Man hugging a person dressed in graduation regalia

financial aid tips

Check out these valuable financial aid tips brought to you by The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) on how to help ease the burden of paying for college. Then stop by a local branch or call 1.888.725.2207 to learn how to get ready for the best years of your child’s own colorful life.


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