Shop, pay bills, go live your life—and make your day-to-day expenses work for you.

earn 15¢ per purchase*
When you use your GO>2 debit card to make a purchase*, you earn 15¢. At the beginning of each month, we put your total earnings into your savings!
checkless, paperless
Say goodbye to checks and paper statements that don’t fit your life.
no monthly fees
When you run with a GO>2, you won’t have fees dragging you down.
great for students and teens
An easy way to build really good money habits.

Helps you save
even when you think you can’t.

Saving money can be a hard habit to get into, but your GO>2 accounts make it easy to get started. Completely digital, GO>2 is where your spending helps build your savings!

Open a GO>2 Account
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No checks. Better Balance.

Minimum Deposit to Open  
Checkless and Paperless  
Debit Card that pays $0.15 per purchase*  
No Monthly Fees  
We’ll pay up to $12 in Nationwide ATM fees per statement cycle  
Free Internet Banking  
Free Mobile Solutions  
Free Online Bill Pay  
Free Zelle®  
Free Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay  
†Free 90-Day Trial of GenGold  
Companion Savings Account required  

We offer additional FDIC Insurance options for deposits over $250,000. Talk to a banker to learn more on how to optimize FDIC Insurance and protect your deposits.

GO>2 Account Disclosure

  • $25 deposit required to open account.
  • No minimum daily balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee.
  • * You will earn $0.15 per qualified purchase when you use your GO>2 Debit Card. Qualified purchases are for goods and services. The total of the $0.15 per debit card transaction rewards will be credited to the GO>2 account on the statement date and these funds will be automatically transferred to the associated savings account the next business day.  If the amount you receive in debit card transaction rewards exceeds $600 annually, you will receive Form 1099-MISC.
  • At a minimum, you are required to open a GO>2 savings account to receive the monthly debit card transaction rewards.
  • You must receive monthly e-Statements.
  • You are not allowed to write checks on the GO>2 account.
  • Your GO>2 Checkless Checking account will be transferred to a Free Solutions Checking Account (accounts held by minors will be closed) and you will not earn $0.15 for qualified debit card purchases and you will no longer receive up to $12 in ATM refunds each statement cycle if the following occurs:
    1. Checks are written on the account
    2. E-Statements are cancelled
    3. Savings account is closed
  • †After 90 days, the GenGold program costs just $4.95 per month, and will be debited from your GO>2 account.

Savings Account Disclosure

  • $1 deposit required to open account.
  • E-Statements are required.
  • Depending upon the savings account type you open, fees may reduce earnings.

To receive a current copy of Terms & Conditions related to your account, please contact Customer Care: 1.888.725.2207

Ready? Open a GO>2 Checkless Checking and Savings account with us to start earning while you spend!