Account Related Fees

Monthly fee (after 90 day free trial)$4.95
Annual fee (after 90 day free trial)$49.95
Health Savings Accounts
Paper statement fee (month)
Inactive Checking/Money Market Checking(month)
Accounts inactive more than one year
Inactive Savings Accounts(month)
Accounts inactive more than two years
Insufficient/Uncollected Funds:
Overdraft fee (per item)
Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, recurring debit card payments, or other electronic means.
Night Deposit:
Key Replacement$10.00
Zipper Bag without lock (Replacement)$3.00
Zipper Bag with lock (Replacement)$24.00
Stop Payment Fee:
Per Check or ACH$33.00
Recurring Debit Card Payment$30.00
Internet Banking & Zelle®$30.00
Telephone Transfers(Teller Assisted)$5.00


Canadian Check Collection Fee (per check)$25.00
plus current exchange rate
Check PrintingCost of checks, plus postage and handling
Collection Items$ 25.00 plus any additional fees
Counter Checks (each)$1.00
Money Orders (each)$6.00
Official Checks (each)$6.00

Safe Deposit Box

Rental FeesVaries by Size
Key Replacement$ 25.00
Drilling Fee$ 50.00, plus cost of drilling

Wire Transfers

Outgoing (In Person)$28.00
Outgoing (Business Internet Banking)$25.00
Outgoing Consumer (Available to Customers Only)$75.00
Outgoing Business (Available to Customers Only)$50.00
Outgoing Business (Foreign Exchange Desk)$75.00

Internet Banking

Internet BankingNo Charge
Mobile SolutionsNo Charge
Zelle®No Charge
Bill Pay (Solutions Checking, GO>2, Reality Checking, Aqua Fund, inBusiness, Non-Profit Checking, Personal Trust Accounts)No Charge
Bill Pay (all other accounts) monthly per user fee$3.95
Business Online – Small Business Bill Pay (effective November 12, 2020)
With e-StatementsNo Charge
Without e-Statements (month)$5.75


Hourly Rate$36.00
Bank Statement Copies (per statement)$6.00
Check Copies (per check)$1.00

Other Fees

ATM/Debit Card Overnight Replacement$75.00
Foreign Currency Ordering Fee$20.00
plus other applicable fees
Foreign Currency Redemption Fee$20.00
plus other applicable fees
Foreign Draft Fee$25.00
plus other applicable fees
IRA Transfer Fee$35.00
Legal Processing (Levies, Subpoenas, etc.)$100.00
Notary Public (non-customers)$25.00
Photocopy Fee (per copy)$0.25
Returned Deposit Item (per item)$15.00
Transfer fee from savings to cover overdrafts (Separate Agreement Required)$5.00
Gift Card$5.00

Notice to customers regarding the procedure to be followed in resolving disputes over deposit account transactions: If you have a dispute with your financial institution regarding your deposit account, contact the financial institution’s consumer complaint representative or department and attempt to resolve the problem directly with the financial institution. If the financial institution fails to resolve the problem, write a letter detailing the problem and the resolution you are seeking to: Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Bureau of Financial Institutions, 36 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0036 or contact the Bureau by e-mail: http://www.maine.gov/pfr/financialinstitutions/complaint.htm. The Bureau of Financial Institutions will acknowledge receipt of your complaint promptly and investigate your claim. You will be informed of the results of the investigation.