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If it’s important to you, it’s important to us

Our Cash Management advisors work with you to consolidate your services and develop a fully customized approach to business banking that minimizes fraud, provides real-time visibility, and streamlines your payments and deposits—saving you money and freeing you up to think bigger. More control. More growth opportunities. More you.

  • Fraud prevention
  • Deposit and payment solutions
  • Customized approach
  • Free onboarding and training
  • Secure access to business banking
  • Peace of mind


Fraud Prevention Solutions

In today’s world, fraud is a constant every business needs to guard against. Automate your monitoring process to detect suspicious transactions and reduce the risk of financial loss. Protect your accounts and assets with Norway Savings Fraud Protection Solutions—and take back your peace of mind.

Check Positive Pay

With Check Positive Pay, we’ll match checks presented for payment against a list of checks you’ve authorized and issued. If a check doesn’t match, we’ll flag it and notify you. If you tell us it’s fraudulent, we’ll return the check—putting the control in your hands.

ACH Positive Pay

With ACH Positive Pay, we’ll notify you when electronic payment transactions present to your account. You decide whether to accept or reject the transaction. Save time in the future by setting parameters for known and recurring payments. You make the rules. 

Payment Security/Dual Control

Who doesn’t want to make business payments more secure? Add an additional layer of protection with Dual Control. Dual Control requires two individuals to complete a transaction, reducing the risk of payment errors and fraud.

Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation

Norway Savings Bank’s information reporting and transaction initiation gives you the control you need to make informed decisions about your business. From fast and secure banking to electronic transfers and custom reporting, we have everything you need to track your cash. After all, informed decisions are better decisions. 

Business Online Banking

Initiate electronic transfers, payments, and other transactions directly from your account. Fast and secure, Business Online Banking is a great way to manage cash flow and pay vendors, employees, and other business partners.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

Get ready to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with EDI. Receive same-day electronic invoicing data for a more expedited reconciliation—purchase orders, shipping notices, and payments—and say hello to efficiency.

Deposit Solutions

Prefer not to run to the bank to deposit funds before it closes? With Norway Savings Bank’s full line of deposit solutions, from ACH debit origination to specialty accounts to electronic check scanning, you won’t have to. It’s another way we help you take control of your business life.

ACH Debit Origination

With ACH debit origination, you can electronically collect payments from customers’ bank accounts on a recurring or one-time basis. Payments get deposited directly into your bank account. What could be easier?

inBusiness Deposit – Remote Deposit Capture

No deposit ticket, no problem when you use inBusiness Deposit – Remote Deposit Capture.  Scan checks remotely transmitting the images and check data to the bank. You may never need to leave the office again.

U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Wire Processing

Fast. Secure. Convenient. Transfer funds electronically to domestic and international bank accounts in both U.S. dollars and foreign currencies. The world just got a little bit smaller.

IOLTA and RAHF Accounts

Designed to meet the unique needs of lawyers and realtors, our IOLTA and RAHF accounts help simplify accounting and record-keeping. Monthly maintenance fees are waived for both accounts. Interest earned on IOLTA accounts is transferred to the Maine Bar Foundation (MBF), while interest earned on RAHF accounts is transferred to the Maine Association of Realtors Foundation Affordable Housing Fund.

Night Depository Services

Securely deposit cash, checks, and other important documents outside of regular business hours. With Night Depository Services, customers can make deposits at any time of day or night, without the need to wait in line during regular business hours.

Coin and Currency Processing

Deposit and withdraw easily and efficiently with Norway Savings Bank’s coin and currency processing. Our team will work with you to understand your operational and cash needs.

Foreign Check Deposit Processing

Depositing and processing foreign checks are never a problem with Norway Savings. Stop by any of our convenient branch locations to convert your items to local currency crediting your account. Business life secured.

Payment Solutions

Looking to create efficiencies for your business? Electronic payment options save you time and money at Norway Savings.  Let ACH credit origination, wire transfers, and Business Bill Pay make your business life a little easier.

ACH Credit Origination

Make paying vendors, employees, or other payees convenient and secure. Added benefits? ACH is cost effective and faster than paper-based payments.

U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Wire Transfers

Electronically send U.S. dollar and foreign currency funds between bank accounts, domestically or internationally. Quick. Secure. Transparent.

Business Bill Pay

Save time, money, and effort with Norway Savings’ electronic Bill Pay for Business. Choose one-time or recurring bill payments. For added payment security, implement a secondary/dual control level to ensure all payments are approved before submission. The choice is yours.

Cash Concentration and Investment Solutions

Designed to help you manage your cash flow more efficiently, Norway Savings Bank’s Cash Concentration and Investment Solutions can help you reduce administrative costs, increase efficiency, and enjoy greater flexibility.

Zero Balance Account Services

Maintain greater control of your sub-accounts, reduce idle balance accounts and avoid overdrafts with Norway Savings Zero Balance accounts. They can help you reduce administrative costs, improve cash flow management, and optimize use of funds.

ACH Services to Concentrate Balances

Centralize cash management operations with ACH services. You’ll be able to electronically transfer funds from accounts held at other financial institutions into your central Norway Savings account.

Money Market Accounts

Ready to earn more on your savings? Our money market accounts earn a higher rate of interest—and still provide easy access to money. 

Money Market Accounts with FDIC Coverage (ICS)

Enjoy all the benefits of money market accounts with the added assurance that your funds are fully covered by FDIC.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Earn predictable returns with Norway Savings Certificates of Deposits—smart, safe deposits that earn competitive interest rates over fixed terms.  When it comes to business, who doesn’t like predictable? 

Certificates of Deposit with FDIC Coverage (CDARS)

Predictable returns on smart safe deposits that offer competitive, fixed interest rates—fully insured by FDIC.

International Solutions

We may be local, but Norway Savings has a variety of banking solutions to help you do business internationally.

Incoming International U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Wires

Use your Norway Savings account to accept international wire transfers in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.

Outgoing International U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Wires

Send money safely and securely to your international partners in U.S. or foreign currency.

Foreign Currency Purchases and Exchange

Need to convert one currency to another? Whether it’s for international travel, global trade, or foreign investments, Norway Savings can help.

Foreign Check Collection Processing

Doing business internationally means that sometimes you get paid with checks from foreign bank accounts. With Norway Savings Bank, we’re here to manage the collection process for you.

Foreign Drafts

If you need to make a payment to a foreign individual or business, Norway Savings makes it easy by providing foreign drafts.

Letters of Credit

Purchasing internationally? Norway Savings offers business letters of credit that provide a level of security in international transactions.

Import & Export Documentary Collections

Have an established relationship with an international business? Our import and export documentary collections are a less formal alternative to letters of credit.

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