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Earn current market rates on balances of $.01 or more – with convenient check writing access to your money. The $5.00 monthly maintenance fee will not be charged on account balances of $500 or more.

Open a new account online!  You’ll need your social security number, a valid driver’s license (or ID card issued by a state DMV), personal information, joint account holder information (if applicable) and a funding source (checking account from NSB or another Financial Institution).  The process takes approximately 10 minutes for most applications.

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We offer additional FDIC Insurance options for deposits over $250,000. Talk to a banker to learn more on how to optimize FDIC Insurance and protect your deposits.

A $25 deposit is required to open an account. Fees could reduce earnings. Transaction Limitations: You may only make six transfers from your account each statement cycle to third parties and you must not exceed a total of six preauthorized transfers in the statement cycle. There is no limit for ATM withdrawals or ATM transfers to another account at Norway Savings Bank. There is no limit for automatic loan payments on your Norway Savings Bank loan, transfers originated in person, withdrawals originated in person or by phone (for a check mailed to you) or for deposits.

To receive a current copy of Terms & Conditions related to your account, please contact Customer Care: 1.888.725.2207

Your bank’s “routing number” may be required when you are setting up a direct deposit, submitting your tax returns, or paying bills electronically.
Norway’s Routing # is 211274515.