health savings accounts

Does your employer offer a high-deductible health plan (HDHP)? We have HDHP compatible savings accounts to help you save and pay for medical expenses.

  • Pay for your expenses with a debit card or checks
  • Automated employer and employee deposits

Because we’re here to support you in your colorful life.

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We offer additional FDIC Insurance options for deposits over $250,000. Talk to a banker to learn more on how to optimize FDIC Insurance and protect your deposits.

A $25 deposit is required to open a Health Savings Account.

Sign up to receive your monthly statement online through Internet Banking and the $2.00 monthly maintenance fee to receive paper statements will be waived.

To receive a current copy of Terms & Conditions related to your account, please contact Customer Care: 1.888.725.2207

Your bank’s “routing number” may be required when you are setting up a direct deposit, submitting your tax returns, or paying bills electronically.
Norway’s Routing # is 211274515.