Mike Grant

Mike GrantJob Title: Media Production Specialist
Years at Norway Savings: 8 years
Favorite Color: Red

After 20 years in the Marine Corps, followed by a career in communications and IT, banking didn’t seem like a particularly obvious choice for Mike. But his previous job left something to be desired in terms of company culture so he decided to give Norway Savings a shot.

“From the very beginning, in the interview process, I could tell that Norway was different,” he said. “It’s not top down. They listen and let their employees implement their ideas — there’s a lot of empowerment.”

That freedom to implement ideas, however, wasn’t just limited to his primary role. Mike is also able to use company time to work on his personal passion, photography and videography.

Mike Grant

“I’ve always liked graphics and photography. I started out by offering to make videos for company events like retirements, or the annual employee banquet, and eventually that role kind of grew. Now I’m working with the wellness committee to help them make fitness and nutrition videos for the internal team here. It’s a great way to combine my passion for fitness and staying active with my love of video editing.”

Mike is also an avid photographer and just started working on aerial videography with his drone.

Mike Grant

Stay in touch with Norway’s social media channels and website — you never know when you’ll find some of Mike’s handy work!

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