Kyle Hodgkins

Job Title: VP Market Manager & Mortgage Loan Officer, Portland
Years at Norway Savings: 12 years
Favorite Color: Red

Growing up, Kyle Hodgkins always hated running. In 2014, he ran a marathon.

“I was working at Norway at the time,” he said, “and they are really into their wellness program. They allow you to meet with health coaches and everything. One of my coworkers was big into running and was always talking about it. He convinced me to sign up for Beach to Beacon and I started training, ran it, and had a blast.”

One thing led to another, and as Kyle moved up the ranks at Norway Savings (from part time teller to Market Manager), his running amped up as well.

“In 2014, I ran my first marathon. I had no idea what I was doing and I actually ended up fracturing my fibula. But I finished! I was on crutches for 6 weeks and it was miserable but it was still awesome. I immediately signed up for the NYC marathon the next year and have run at least one marathon every year since.”

But it’s not just running that Kyle is known for at Norway Savings.

“I’ve always been drawn to bold colors,” says Kyle. “I don’t own a single pair of grey or black socks. Yesterday, I wore shark socks in honor of shark week. I also have flamingos and a bunch of other fun patterns and colors. People usually notice them when I’m sitting in meetings and I always get a lot of comments. What can I say? I like color in my life!”

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