Dana Myles

Job Title: Regional Vice President, Team Leader
Years at Norway Savings: 20 years
Favorite Color: Blue

Dana Myles’ career at Norway Savings began when she was just 16 years old, working as a part-time teller in the Portland branch. Twenty years, a husband, two children, college education and numerous promotions later — she’s now a Regional Vice President and Team Leader, helping businesses throughout the state finance their dreams.

Dana says, “When starting a new position, always remember to think about the future and how your actions now could affect your career years down the road. I didn’t think I had the experience or knowledge to become a commercial lender but Norway provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to learn the job. Norway came up with a training program which started with the basics and after three years on the job is still providing additional training that I need. They really helped me move up within the company and find my way.”

A young, active mom, Dana admits that juggling work and two children is far from easy, but that having good support at home and at work is the key to success.

“My job is a little bit different because I need to be available to my customers whenever they need me,” Dana admits, “but as long as you’re getting your work done and doing your job well, Norway is extremely flexible. We have a great vacation policy, and I don’t have to be at my desk all hours of the day. They trust me to do my job and to get my work done.”

Which is good news for Dana, who’s eager to get in some quality time with her 2 and 4 year old boys. Catch up with her at home, and you may find her watching Disney movie after Disney movie, while chasing after the boys and the dog!

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