Dale Ward

Job Title: Customer Care Specialist
Years at Norway Savings: 14 years
Favorite Color: Blue

She’s sweet as can be when she answers the phone — assisting customers with everything from online banking to account information to making their mortgage payments. But this self-proclaimed “people person,” is much more than a Customer Care Specialist at Norway Savings.

She rides to work on her blue Harley Davidson — a Street 750. And she spends her vacation time deer hunting up north.

“The first time I got an 8-point buck I looked at my husband and I said ‘It’s a buck and it’s all mine!’ It was the first time I had gotten anything that was really impressive, so I had it mounted and engraved with those words on it.”

In addition to hunting, Dale earned her motorcycle license just last year, after deciding that life was too short for four doors.

“I’m really pretty frugal,” she said. “But I decided, you know what, it’s time to do something for myself. So I went out and bought a Harley Davidson. I rode it to work today. My coworkers get a kick out of it, they think’s pretty cool that I do what I do.”

Dale worked at Norway Savings in Deposit Operations for 12 years before finding her true calling in the Customer Care department.

“We’re like a big family here,” she says. “We look out for each other, right from the top of the food chain all the way down. It’s my favorite thing about working for Norway.”

Got questions about the Customer Care Center, hunting, or Harley Davidsons? Get in touch with Dale at 1.888.725.2207

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