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“Transforming Communities”: Norway Savings Bank Exceeds $70,000 in Giving to Maine Preservation

YARMOUTH—With a mission to promote and preserve historic places, buildings, and neighborhoods throughout our state, Maine Preservation has strengthened the cultural and economic vitality of local communities since 1972.

It is an organization and cause that continues to elicit respect and support from Norway Savings Bank. The Bank has committed over $70,000 to Maine Preservation, including $10,000 in 2024.

“Maine Preservation is the only nonprofit, statewide, historic preservation organization working to save these significant locations. Preserving the past is a key element of revitalization and growing our communities, both in pride and character,” said Dan Walsh, President and CEO of Norway Savings Bank. “We’re grateful to Maine Preservation for its work and happy to help improve the organization’s infrastructure so it can expand its reach and momentum.”

In the last year, Maine Preservation has partnered with nearly 200 non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals to confront preservation challenges across Maine through:

• Advocating for measures that make it easier to rehabilitate and weatherize buildings in historic neighborhoods
• Operating a Field Services program that offers on-site guidance and planning assistance with projects
• Conducting a Residency Program that visits locations around the state to offer consultation and learn about regional challenges
• Providing preservation grants to local organizations for projects like window restoration, exterior painting, or masonry repairs
• Offering a free, virtual Q&A session each month that explore common topics and allow individuals to receive guidance from preservation experts
• Hosting the annual Jane’s Walk ME Festival, facilitating dozens of walks across the state for hundreds of participants
• Researching and distributing an annual list of Maine’s Most Endangered Historic Places
• Raising awareness for the need of workforce development in the preservation trades, including the Patricia Anderson Summer Fellowship Program, and much more.

“Generosity from sources like Norway Savings Bank assists in improving historic buildings that have served and will continue to serve as cultural and economic catalysts for generations,” said Tara Kelly, Executive Director of Maine Preservation. “Together, we are transforming communities big and small, long-established and up-and-coming, coastal and inland, all over Maine.”

Maine Preservation’s decades of service in sharing the strategies and steps needed to save imperiled places has made an indelible mark on the state, its communities, and its people.

“These passionate individuals are thoughtful and dedicated stewards of Maine’s past,” said Walsh. “We are honored to play a small part in assisting them as they make a lasting impact from our rural landscapes to our beautiful coast and so many points in between. They truly strengthen our communities in the present and for the future.”

To learn more about the work of Maine Preservation and how you can help, click here.