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Norway Savings Bank Teams Up with SCORE Maine to Help Small Businesses Thrive

PORTLAND—On February 14, small business owners and managers will have the opportunity to participate in a free online event that will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) can help them in their operations, from organization to accounting to social media management.

“Beneficial workshops like this would not be possible without community sponsors. In this case and others, that’s Norway Savings Bank,” said Nancy Strojny, State Assistant District Director of SCORE Maine.

​SCORE Maine is dedicated to helping people who are starting or growing a business through free services, mentors, client sessions, webinars, and in-person workshops. Norway Savings Bank has committed an $8,000 donation to support SCORE’s mission this year and has donated nearly $25,000 to the organization since 2021. SCORE Maine helps educate over 2,000 residents each year.

“At Norway Savings, we are committed to helping small businesses by listening, strategizing, and easing their fears so business owners can achieve their goals. Supporting a business is more than just lending money, it’s helping it to grow in a smart and secure way. Our partnership with SCORE Maine enables the Bank to extend that support even further into our communities,” said Dan Walsh, President and CEO of Norway Savings Bank.

“Our volunteers are successful real-world business professionals who volunteer to help existing and startup businesses succeed. These workshops and webinars are extremely popular and offer real education and assistance to the hundreds who have participated,” said Strojny. “We truly appreciate Norway Savings Bank’s support.”

“We have been supporting SCORE Maine through workshop sponsorships for many years. Their programming continues to meet a strong demand around the state,” said Janice de Lima, VP, Community Reinvestment Act Officer at Norway Savings Bank. “The enthusiasm on display from presenters and participants leaves you feeling so optimistic about the breadth of entrepreneurial talent in Maine with SCORE volunteers powering them on.”

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