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Norway Savings Bank Contributes $2,500 to Cottage Street Creative Exchange

NORWAY—“Every kid is hungry for dance!”

The words of Debi Irons succinctly explain the driving purpose of the Cottage Street Creative Exchange (CSCE), located the Art Moves Dance Studio building on 13 Cottage Street in Norway. It’s a place for people of all ages to experience creative expression, cultural exchange, collaboration, and instruction.

Irons is the founder and artistic director of CSCE and possesses vast experience as a professional dancer and dance educator. In 1988, she moved back to the Norway area where she grew up and soon after, CSCE was born, offering developmentally appropriate dance techniques for children, teens, and adults who might otherwise not have exposure to the beauty of the arts. The organization also hosts visiting dancers from other countries, holds studio shows, and brings the magic to local schools through special visits and presentations.

The positive impact, education, and goodwill CSCE has extended to hundreds and hundreds of local people over the years has drawn continual support from Norway Savings Bank, including a $2,500 contribution earlier this year.

“Cottage Street Creative Exchange brings people together and encourages collaboration between people in our neighborhoods and individuals from around the world who visit. It’s remarkable,” said Dan Walsh, President and CEO of Norway Savings Bank. “You don’t have to talk to many people in the area before you meet someone who has had a great experience with CSCE. It’s made an immeasurable difference in our communities.”

“Cottage Street Creative Exchange simply would not be able to offer such quality and consistency to our community without the long-term investment of Norway Savings Bank,” said Irons. “NSB’s support has truly sustained us as they believe in us the way we believe in those we serve.”

CSCE has fostered a sense of belonging in its students and visitors, building self-confidence and community in the process.

“What is amazing is watching kids absorb and learn, grow into teens, and then turn around and help with younger kids. You can see a confidence and fortitude in those who have participated in the programs over the years,” said Irons. “There is so much integration and collaboration going on. It’s so important to keep the long view, and when you see the relationships and that growth, you can really appreciate how successful this program has been and can be.”

Margóth Lima, a renowned dancer from Brazil, will be doing a residency on July 17-27. Just the latest example of CSCE bringing the world of dance and its style and grace to Norway for all to see.

For more information about the Cottage Street Creative Exchange, including ways in which you can help in their mission, call 207-743-5569 or visit www.artmovesdance.com.