GO>2 savings

This is the perfect companion savings account for the GO>2 checkless checking account; or for your child’s first account – and for anyone who wants to start a new savings habit.  Open this savings account with a $1.00 initial deposit!  Earn interest with balances over $25.  No monthly maintenance fees.  Access your savings account anytime at an ATM with a Norway Savings ATM or Debit Card. There is no monthly fee for using your debit card.

Open a new account online! You’ll need your social security number, a valid driver’s license (or ID card issued by a state DMV), personal information, joint account holder information (if applicable) and a funding source (checking account from NSB or another Financial Institution). The process takes approximately 10 minutes for most applications.

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To receive a current copy of Terms & Conditions related to your account, please contact Customer Care: 1.888.725.2207

Your bank’s “routing number” may be required when you are setting up a direct deposit, submitting your tax returns, or paying bills electronically.
Norway’s Routing # is 211274515.