NSB Alerts

Life is busier than ever and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your personal and business finances as thoroughly as you’d like. With NSB Alerts, you receive real-time alerts for more than 30 different types of deposit and loan account events.

Man looking at mobile device

Alerts are sent via four convenient platforms

  • Email
  • Text
  • Push notifications on your mobile phone
  • Your secure inbox in Internet Banking

YOU choose your preferred method (or choose all four!). You can also set up push notification alerts right from your NSB Mobile Solutions app on your smartphone.

Set up alerts related to your personal or business deposit account’s security, transactions, balances and more. Or, if you’re a loan customer, you can choose from alerts that remind you when your payment is due, notify you when a payment has been processed or that your rate has changed click here to see a list of all the deposit and loan alerts available.

Also available: Broadcast Alerts send you reminders of holiday bank closures, scheduled maintenance service interruptions in online and mobile banking and notifications in the event the bank has to close for weather-related or other reasons.

The best part? You don’t have to sign up! Simply look for the word “Alerts” in the upper right-hand menu of Internet Banking to get started! In the NSB Mobile Solutions, you’ll find the Alerts link in the “More” menu.