Samsung Pay

set up is simpleMobile device with NSB debit card displaying on screen

  1. Download, install and setup the Samsung Pay app.
  2. Add your Norway Savings Bank debit card:
    • Navigate to and open Samsung Pay on your device
      • Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, and then tap Cards.
    • Tap Add card > tap Add credit/debit card
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to register your Norway Savings Bank debit card. When you add a card, you will be prompted to agree to the card’s terms and conditions.

pay easily and securely

Paying in stores

With Samsung Pay, checkout will be quick and easy!

  1. Swipe up on your device screen to launch Samsung Pay.
  2. Authenticate purchase with fingerprint or PIN.
  3. Hover your device over payment terminal.
  4. Once payment has gone through, a confirmation will display on your device screen.

Paying within apps and online

Pay fast with Samsung Pay online and in app checkout!

  1. Select Samsung Pay at checkout.
  2. Authenticate purchase with your fingerprint, PIN or iris scan.

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