CDs & IRAs

Norway Savings offers CDs and IRAs. Because sometimes living the life you choose means saving for something special.

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certificates of deposit

CDs are smart, safe investments that earn competitive interest rates over fixed terms.

Open a new account online!  You’ll need your social security number, a valid driver’s license (or ID card issued by a state DMV), personal information, joint account holder information (if applicable) and a funding source (checking account from NSB or another Financial Institution).  The process takes approximately 10 minutes for most applications.

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individual retirement accounts

Save for retirement. Choose from Traditional and Roth IRAs.

An online application is not available for this account; however, by following the steps below, you can be on your way to quickly and conveniently opening this colorful account.

We offer additional FDIC Insurance options for deposits over $250,000. Talk to a banker to learn more on how to optimize FDIC Insurance and protect your deposits.