Norway Savings Bank celebrates and recognizes employee achievements in 2016

NORWAY, Maine – Norway Savings Bank recently held its Annual Employee Awards Banquet to celebrate numerous employee achievements for 2016. The banquet theme was “Dress Your Passion” and attendees dressed in costume and were treated to an evening of music and games.

Employee of the Year
Mike Noble, Vice President of Facilities & Purchasing was named 2016 Employee of the Year. Noble was nominated by several NSB employees across the bank for making every job important.  Noble always mentions the good work others do and helps come up with creative solutions to help make sure the end result is what it is intended to be. Brian Shibles, Executive Vice President & Treasurer, presented him with the award.

“We were very fortunate when Mike joined the bank.  His experience and education have made him a great fit for the role he has grown into,” stated Shibles.  “However, it’s his personality, attitude and leadership style that allows him to excel and be an integral part of our team.”

Award presentation

L to R: Brian Shibles, Executive Vice President & Treasurer with 2016 Employee of the Year, Mike Noble

President’s Award
This year’s President’s Award was awarded to Randy Easler, Vice President, Retail Loan Center Manager. Over the years, Easler has established himself as someone who consistently demonstrates the leadership traits that help build a strong team of engaged employees.

“Randy is dedicated to the success of the bank and to the employees that he supports,” states Pat Weigel, President & CEO.  “He remains focused on improving the customer experience in an area that is highly regulated and competitive.”

Easler is known to be incredibly inspiring, driven and extremely supportive with a confident, can-do attitude. He not only brings life to his team but carries the Norway Savings Bank culture with him everywhere he goes.

Award presentation

L to R: 2016 President’s Award recipient, Randy Easler with Pat Weigel, President & CEO

Best Supporting Role Award
The Best Supporting Role Award recognizes an employee who consistently provides outstanding support and goes above and beyond to ensure world-class customer service throughout the organization. Tammy Bailey, Underwriter II, was honored as the 2016 Best Supporting Role Award recipient. The award was presented by Darci Hamm, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking.

“Tammy is extremely dedicated and demonstrates the ability to work well under pressure,” said Hamm. “As a mortgage underwriter, Tammy partners closely with her lenders to ensure a responsive and positive customer experience.  Tammy is a tireless professional and consistently demonstrates her team spirit.  We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Award presentation

L to R: Darci Hamm, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking with 2016 Best Supporting Role Award recipient, Tammy Bailey

Culture Champion of the Year
The Culture Champion of the Year award recognizes an employee that exhibits the elements that define the Norway Savings Bank high achievement and high support culture. Michelle Morse, Audit/Risk Specialist, was recognized as the 2016 Culture Champion of the Year. The award was presented by Brian Shibles, Executive Vice President & Treasurer.

“Michelle always has a positive attitude.  She is always smiling and making the Operations Center a fun, happy place,” said Shibles. “Her positive attitude and willingness to get involved are greatly appreciated.”

Person holding award

2016 Culture Champion of the Year, Michelle Morse proudly displaying her award.

Culture Awards
The following employees were recipients of awards for exhibiting elements of the bank’s culture through their daily responsibilities and high quality of work throughout 2016:

Achievement Award: Jamie Brochu (Retail Loan Center) and Owen Maguire (Brunswick)
Branding Award: Janice deLima (CRA); Mike Grant (Information Technology) and Traci MacDonald (Brunswick)
Communications Award: Brittany Robidoux (Asset Management Group) and Terry Seavey (Retail Administration)
Customer Service Award: Amy Fox (Loan Servicing) and Jennifer Russell (Norway)
Empowerment Award: Becky Buchanan (Standish) and Kelcey Raasumaa (Business Intelligence)
Leadership Award: Ryan Dillingham (Information Technology), Kyle Hodgkins (Exchange Street) and Kelly Sturmer (Standish and Gorham)
Team Player Award: Rob Harville (Commercial Lending), Sacha Marston (Retail Loan Center) and Jake Ouellette (Asset Management Group)

Length of Service Awards
Employees who celebrated a milestone anniversary with the bank were also recognized at the banquet.  The most notable Length of Service Award of the evening was given to Delma Patenaude, who has been with the bank for 40 years.

40 Years of Service: Delma Patenaude (Cooks Corner).
35 Years of Service: Debbie Ward (Retail Administration).
30 Years of Service: Holly Chase (Retail Lending), Diane Andrews (Finance).
25 Years of Service: Roxanne Ames (Marketing).
20 Years of Service: Karry Kane (Topsham), Tina Croteau (Retail Lending)
15 Years of Service: Anita Hamilton (Commercial Credit), Elizabeth Reardon (Commercial Credit), Pat Weigel (President & CEO), Rick Flagg (Commercial Lending), Ruth Morales (South Portland), Sid Whitman (Facilities).
10 Years of Service:  Jill French (Customer Care), Susan Quinn (Windham), Rob Harville (Commercial Lending), Danielle Skorupa (Bethel), Steve Whitney (Executive Vice President Risk Management, Deposit Operations & IT), Bill Onorato (Scarborough), Becky Buchanan (Standish), Nicole Harris (Windham).
5 Years of Service:  Ashlie Baker-Stevens (Norway), Joline Avery (Windham), Brittany Robidoux (Asset Management Group), Stephanie Lizak (Exchange Street), Pam Gaudet (Commercial Lending), Phillip Munton (Auburn), Amanda Dyer (Freeport), Bill White (Commercial Lending), Michelle Wickham (Asset Management), Harmony Hebert (Customer Care), Jen Damon (Naples), Courtney Estes (Naples).

About Norway Savings Bank

Founded in 1866, Norway Savings Bank is a leading mutual banking and financial services company headquartered in Norway, Maine. As of December 31, 2016, Norway Savings Bank had $1.093 billion in total assets and provides financial services to over 38,000 households throughout western and southern Maine. Norway Savings Bank has 24 branch locations and operates divisions in asset management, personal banking and business banking. In 2016, Norway Savings Bank was honored as one of the Best Banks to Work For by American Banker and Best Companies Group as well as one of the Best Places to Work in Maine. In 2013, Norway Savings Bank received the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence and has been recognized as one of the healthiest companies in America by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as a two-time Gold-Level Well Workplace award recipient.  BauerFinancial has designated 5-Star Norway Savings Bank the “Best of Bauer” for earning and maintaining its highest 5-star rating for 25 continuous years or longer.  For more information, visit