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ABA’s Top 10 Tips for College Students

They understand GPAs and test scores but how can we help them better understand their credit score or the value of saving?  The ABA’s (American Bankers Association) top 10 tips are designed to give students an edge on mastering personal finance. 1. You are in charge.  You are responsible for your finances and you should act… Read more »

7 Money Tips Millennials Can Bank On

As millennials face unprecedented financial burdens such as student debt, the American Bankers Association is highlighting seven money tips to help them plan for a financially sound future. “With student debt and high housing costs creating challenges for many millennials, now is a better time than ever for them to map out their finances and… Read more »

6 Tips for Saving for Your Down Payment

Before you can make the transition from renting your home to owning your home, you will need to have a substantial down payment, typically 5 to 20 percent of the home’s value. Norway Savings Bank suggests the following tips to help save for it:  Develop a budget & timeline. Start by determining how much you’ll need… Read more »

10 Scams Targeting Bank Customers

Don’t get scammed! Click here to read this helpful article from the FDIC Consumer News to learn more about the basics on how to protect your personal information and money!

Housing 101: Terms to Know Before Buying or Renting

Whether you’re preparing to rent or buy, Norway Savings Bank encourages you to be familiar with the following housing terms: Before Buying: APR: Short for annual percentage rate, APR is how much your loan will cost over the course of a year. This figure is almost always higher than the interest rate, because it takes into… Read more »

7 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

An important step to finding a home, whether you’re renting or buying, is ensuring that you have a good credit history. Norway Savings Bank suggests the following tips to improve your credit score:  Request a copy of your credit score report – and make sure it is correct. Your credit report illustrates your credit performance, and… Read more »

5 Important Questions When Choosing Your First Home

Moving into your own place can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Norway Savings Bank suggests considering the following questions when choosing your own home. 1. How much money do you have saved up? Start with an evaluation of your financial health. Figure out how much money you have for a down payment… Read more »

Securely Disposing of Your Mobile Device

Did you get a new phone recently? Our phones hold more personal information than we may be aware of and simply deleting data is not enough! Click here to read this helpful newsletter from the SANS Institute before you dispose of your mobile device.

Reflections on 2016: Norway Savings Bank 150th Anniversary

As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to share with you reflections from one of the most significant milestone years in the history of Norway Savings Bank. Think back…all the way back to 1866, that’s when Norway Savings Bank was originally chartered…right after the Civil War by fourteen men who shared a vision. They… Read more »

Bike Maine with Karen: Week End Re-cap

Bike Maine – Day 6: Thursday night was so cold! I wore everything possible and still shivered! It didn’t take long for the sun to warm us up as we headed out of Lubec High School… Today was the longest ride of the week covering 73.1 miles with elevation gain of 4,092 feet! Our first… Read more »