Bike Maine with Barry – Day 6

Today was the longest ride of the Bike Maine tour – seventy miles from Sweden to Kennebunk. Once again, we got to enjoy the change in scenery from the hills and lakes of western Maine to the sandy beaches and hustle and bustle of southern Maine. Although the scenery is beautiful, it isn’t quite enough to make you forget about those challenging hills that are so plentiful in the western part of the state.

We stopped for lunch at the Limerick Fire Station and embraced the opportunity to rest our legs. I also had the opportunity to meet Victoria McLean, aka Mrs. Limerick, who will be competing for the title of Mrs. Maine 2016 next spring.

The weather in the afternoon was hot enough that you had to remind yourself to stay hydrated. When we went through Arundel, the temperature was 89 degrees. As we approached Kennebunk we started to feel a slight sea breeze and temperature drop.

Once we arrived in Kennebunk, we set up our tents at Parson’s Field. The camp site is within walking distance of Main Street, which allowed us ample opportunity to explore the shops, galleries and food that Kennebunk has to offer.

Dinner was served at the new Waterhouse Center, and open-air pavilion that has become a hub of activity in Kennebunk. The food was phenomenal, as was the company of the cyclists that I have shared this journey with over the past six days.