a colorful place to work

Fostering a culture of the Can Do is important — and it requires dedication. We encourage ongoing learning and teaching experiences that enhance employee skills and talents and strengthen our culture.

it’s time to GROW

The GROW Program is an 8-month learning experience that partners employees seeking guidance and direction in their banking career with more seasoned & experienced employees who will share their knowledge and insight.

GROW focuses on:

  • Building trust
  • Fostering a culture of active listening
  • Providing an opportunity to demonstrate self-awareness and pursue specific goals
  • Encouraging follow-through on commitments
  • Enhancing strengths & discovering development opportunities
  • Encouraging open dialogue

other programs

Performance, Potential and Progress (P3) is a structured program providing learning and support for “High Potential” employees. The program was designed to attract, engage and retain high-performing, high-potential employees. Participants in P3 collaborate with leadership to design personalized Professional Development Plans and guidance to enrich their career experience, growth, and contribution to the organization.

Leadership Labs is a one-year structured program designed for high-potential leaders. The group meets quarterly for two-day sessions where Senior Leadership shares vision and strategy for all areas of the bank. The sessions also include Leadership Development segments and an opportunity for the group to lead/implement a bank project.

Career Solutions is an employee coaching opportunity in which an Employee Development Expert works closely with individuals to build a development plan customized to meet the passions and career aspirations of individuals.

Job Shadowing is an opportunity for employees to schedule an informational visit to various departments and learn about different job roles or bank functions. Participants provide specific learning outcomes they would like to achieve and complete a post-view of their experience. This process has successfully facilitated opportunities for individuals to transfer within the bank to new job opportunities in which they feel best suit their passion and career aspirations.

Culture Team and Committee Leadership/Participation are great ways to enhance engagement for individuals outside of their regular day-to-day responsibilities. They provide opportunities to participate in bank-wide initiatives, interact with employees across the organization and enhance visibility.

Meaningful Work Program provides opportunities for front-line employees to participate in projects or other initiatives to enhance/enrich the work experience.

Tuition Reimbursement supports and promotes continuing education, college education, and specialized training.

Comprehensive In-House Training includes technical, soft-skill, and leadership training/education to support employee and leadership development.