Rob Norton

Man in tee-shirt standing on porchJob Title: Branch Supervisor, Scarborough
Years at Norway Savings: 3 years
Favorite Color: Black

Rob never planned on working in banking. But he was living in Norway, Maine and the Call Center was hiring. He took the job and then, it stuck.

Now, he’s a supervisor at the Scarborough, Maine branch.

“I stayed working at Norway because it’s somewhere you can actually look forward to coming to work every day,” said Rob. “I started in the Call Center and just worked my way up. Our Scarborough branch really feels like a family — and I like how accepting they are of different outlooks and cultures.”

Including, incidentally, tattoos and piercings.

If you had an image in your head of what a banker looks like, rethink it. Rob has been getting tattooed for more than 7 years now, including his current project — a full torso piece.

“It’s a traditional style, big, old Grim Reaper,” said Rob. “I love getting tattooed… it feels like a great way to make yourself a little bit different than everyone else around you.”

And that’s a value that Norway Savings can definitely get behind.

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