Pam Gaudet & Missy Babineau

Pam GaudetJob Title: AVP, Commercial Loan Administration and Cash Management Manager & VP
Years at Norway Savings: 8 years
Favorite Color: Blue & Green

Pam and Missy are coworkers, but after hearing about their upbringing you might think they were related. They both come from families of bankers — and they both worked together at another bank before coming to Norway Savings. But their music… well… that’s just a coincidence.

“When Pam and I worked together previously we found out that we both loved to sing,” said Missy. “One year we decided to sing together at the annual holiday party for employees and the rest is history.”

Since moving over to Norway Savings, Pam and Missy have expanded their duo into a trio, bringing on Jeff Cusack on guitar. The three of them perform regularly at Norway Savings events, and even rehearse in the office after work.

“The rehearsals are our favorite part,” says Pam. “It’s fun because the employees who are still here at the end of the day working late can hear us rehearsing and they always say how much they enjoy it.”

Pam and Missy are pretty much famous in the Norway Savings family for their beautiful voices and perfect harmonies, but they’re just happy to be doing what they love.

“I really love it here,” said Pam. “I look forward to coming to work every day.”

“I’ve worked at other banks,” says Missy, “but I chose Norway. They had me at hello.”

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