Michelle Morse

Michelle MorseJob Title: AVP, Internal Audit Manager
Years at Norway Savings: 5 years
Favorite Color: Orange

Banking was always a natural fit for Michelle, who began her career in finance as a public auditor, before joining Norway Savings in 2014. Her love of crafting, on the other hand, came as somewhat of a surprise.

“I’ve always loved adding and subtracting,” Michelle jokes. “But I grew up with a mom who was really into crafts so I think it just kind of stuck. I love going on Pinterest and finding things to make when the kids need something for school.”

It’s not just her kids that get to reap the benefits of her baking and crafting, though.

Michelle Morse and child

“I love a holiday at work — doesn’t matter which one!” says Michelle. “I usually do some sort of holiday trinket for the people here, all 125 of them. Usually my kids help me, and sometimes they even come in to help me pass them out. Cheesy as it is, it makes your coworkers smile and I love doing it.”

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