Heather Whitney

Heather RoderickJob Title: Branch Supervisor, Bethel
Years at Norway Savings: 9 years
Favorite Color: Pink

Heather Roderick has gained a lot of things since she started working at Norway Savings in 2013, but mostly she’s lost. Twenty-five pounds that is.

“I had always struggled finding the balance of making healthy food choices and finding enough time to exercise,” Heather said. “But they have an amazing wellness program at Norway.”

Heather admits that at first she wasn’t ready for a traditional diet or exercise plan, but Norway matched her with a health coach that helped her make smaller changes, like walking during her lunch break, not eating as much takeout, and educating her on the gym equipment at Norway’s very own fitness center. Within just a few months she was down 25 pounds.

Heather recently joined the wellness committee at Norway Savings, and in the summer of 2016 with the help of some supportive fellow employees, she completed her first 10k — the TD Beach to Beacon.

Heather Roderick

“Running Beach to Beacon was a great opportunity for me to open up and get support from my fellow coworkers. The Norway culture is just so supportive. Having coworkers that are around you all the time doing it along with you makes it so much easier.”

The next time you’re running a 5k or taking a hike, look around.  It might be Heather right behind you!

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