About Barnabee

Barnabee, the NSB bee mascot standing in hallwayBarnabee was born on Turner Street near one of the barns at Gracelawn Memorial Cemetery in 2007, well before the Norway Savings Bank Arena was erected. Barnabee’s parents (Banksy and Buzzy) were sports enthusiasts and watched excitedly as the Arena took shape, providing opportunities for all of them to participate. Buzzy sold honey-flavored concessions to hockey fans and Banksy, whose name practically pre-destined her chosen profession – banking, sold tickets on weekends. Barnabee learned two things at an early age – Banksy always showed Barnabee how to “be smart about money, honey” and Buzzy encouraged the whole family to get out on the ice and have FUN!

When Norway Savings Bank was looking for someone to help bring the joy of sports and importance of financial literacy to the masses, they knew that Barnabee was a great choice! NSB’s Family Hive program, which brings age-appropriate financial education for kids and adults makes Barnabee’s participation even more perfect. Barnabee plans to get to as many hockey games as possible and will even hit the ice on some public skating days!

The next time you’re at the Norway Savings Bank Arena, look for Barnabee…this bee is hard to miss!